Salwan Family Wealth

According to public records, Raj Salwan is in the top 0.1% in terms of his wealth.

This is based on County real estate records and what he has reported on his Form 700’s which are required for all California politicians.

As recently as April 2023, Salwan filed a Form 700 that contained a blatant lie: he reported that he had “other property interests outside jurisdiction.” Even though he serves as a County official, he chose not to report 78 pieces of real estate that he owns in Alameda County outside of Fremont. These properties could be found by a simple search of County real estate records.

We filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Committee (FPPC) for this egregious violation of election law.

In response, Raj had to file an 86 (!) page amendment listing the additional real estate holdings and income that he is required to report but has failed to report in the past.

We have compiled a complete list of the Salwan family real estate holdings in Alameda County which consist of over $93 million in assessed value owned by Raj himself and an additional $57 million owned by his father. Over 40% of these assets are within the City of Fremont.

Note that the County records only list the assessed value and not the actual current value. Anyone familiar with Proposition 13 knows that assessed value can be radically less than market value. For example, Raj’s personal home has an assessed value of $2.64 million while Zillow shows the current value at over $4.4 million.

We have also compiled a list of some of the rental properties that Raj Salwan owns showing the derelict state of some of these properties.

We believe it is a conflict of interest for such a major property owner to hold elected office where he makes decisions that will directly affect his financial interests.

Also, according to his Form 700, Raj owns approximately $8 million in stock. (It is difficult to estimate the exact value because the form has large ranges. To reach the estimate, we used the midpoint of the ranges. For stock declared on the Form to be valued at “over $1,000,000,” we estimated a value of $1,000,000).**

According to his Form 700, Raj also has ownership in multiple businesses and trusts, most of which generate income in some amount over $100,000 per year (the form’s highest income category is “over $100,000). The following are the businesses he reports having an ownership interest of greater than 10%:

  • Rajneesh Salwan Trust – over $100,000 in annual income
  • San Leandro Veterinary Hospital – over $100,000 in annual income
  • TriCity Veterinary Hospital – over $100,000 in annual income
  • Woodminster Veterinary Hospital – over $100,000 in annual income
  • California Petcare, LLC – $10,001 to $100,000 in annual income

* We have downloaded the PDFs from the Fair Political Practices Committee (FPPC) website. If you want to get the files directly from the FPPC’s website they can be found by searching for ‘Cities A-M’ under Entity, ‘City of Fremont’ under Agency and Last Name is ‘Salwan’.

**The Form 700 only has categories of $2k-10K, $10K-100K, $100K-1M, and $1M+. Raj has listed 68 holdings at $2k-10Km 59 at $10K-100K, 6 at $100K-$1M and 1 at $1M+.